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One simple tool that will make you a better buyer and help you close sales in seconds. Gunfeed pulls in feed data from your suppliers and lets you search for the best price in one place.

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Feed Aggregation

Get all of your supplier feeds in one place, never have to check multiple sites again.

Updated Pricing

Prices and Quantity are updated every 30 minutes from each supplier, so you don't have to worry about viewing out of date prices.

Easy to Use

Create an account, subscribe, then start searching.

Tailored Feed

You can choose which suppliers appear in your search results.

More Suppliers

We are currently integrating with 10 popular suppliers and we are adding more soon.

More Products

We have over 27,000 unique products to choose from. Use our search feature to find the best price on the specific gun you are looking for.







We offer two subscription plans (monthly or yearly) and both include a 30-day money-back guarantee.
If you are not happy with your subscription, simply cancel within the first 30 days.

$ 99 / month

  • Save hundreds!
  • All features included
What do I need to get started?

Create an account, select a subscription option (monthly or yearly), then start searching for the lowest price on every product!

Do I need an FFL license to use the site?

Yes, you must have an FFL license to use this site, as you are not able to purchase guns directly from a supplier without a valid FFL license.

Can I select which suppliers I want to view pricing for?

Yes, once subscribed you will be able to select from the available suppliers that you want to view from your dashboard.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You may cancel a subscription at any time, and your card will not be billed on the next billing cycle.

If you cancel before your subscription expiration date, you will still have access to the site until your subscription expires.

If you cancel your account would like a refund within the first 30 days, please email our support team and we will be happy to refund your payment.